FMIPA Sports Week 2024: Igniting Spirit and Talent of Students

Darussalam – The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Sports Week has once again greeted everyone with unmatched enthusiasm and determination. This event, which is an integral part of the routine agenda of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of FMIPA at the University of Syiah Kuala (USK), was officially inaugurated at a grand event in the FMIPA auditorium.

Commencing with warm remarks from the Chairman of the Committee, M. Raihan Ade Wijaya, the FMIPA Sports Week 2024 was praised for its unparalleled organizational skills. The meticulously designed schedule of events, featuring a variety of sports ranging from Futsal to Badminton, promises captivating competition for the departmental delegates.

“We highly appreciate the hard work of the organizing committee in putting together FMIPA Sports Week this year. The competition schedule we have arranged will provide an unforgettable experience for the participants,” said M. Raihan Ade Wijaya.

A series of matches will be held until May 17, 2024, spanning various locations including the level-up futsal field, El Commandate, the FMIPA faculty, as well as strategic fields around the USK and UIN campuses.

Arif Munandar, Chairman of BEM FMIPA, emphasized the importance of FMIPA Sports Week as a platform to showcase the talents of FMIPA students. “Through FMIPA Sports Week, we hope to produce delegates who not only excel in national events but also internationally,” he said enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Faisal, Secretary of the FMIPA USK Alumni Association, hoped that FMIPA Sports Week would serve as an opportunity to strengthen bonds and camaraderie within the FMIPA community.

In his address, Dr. Ir. Wira Darma S.Si., MP., M.Si., Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Partnerships, highlighted the importance of time management for students. “Discipline in managing time is the key to success. We also invite alumni to actively participate in supporting FMIPA activities,” he said.

The event was symbolically inaugurated by representatives from various parties, marking the beginning of FMIPA Sports Week 2024 filled with high spirits and sportsmanship. With fervent hopes, FMIPA Sports Week 2024 is ready to carve out achievements and unforgettable memories for all involved.


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