Qeye Exploring Collaboration with FMIPA-USK and Department of Physics for Sustainable Geophysical Solutions

Darussalam – Qeye, a leading geophysical technology company specializing in seismic quantitative interpretation (QI), represented by ROB, Managing Director for Asia and Australia, is in talks to explore collaboration opportunities with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) and the Department of Physics at Syiah Kuala University (USK).

The primary objective of this collaboration is to develop sustainable geophysical solutions through joint research and knowledge exchange. By leveraging the expertise of FMIPA-USK and the Department of Physics, Qeye aims to innovate in the field of geophysical technology, fostering advancements that can be applied across various industrial sectors.

“We are excited about the potential synergy between Qeye, FMIPA-USK, and the Department of Physics at USK. Together, we can push the boundaries of geophysical technology and contribute to sustainable solutions for industries,” stated ROB, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in driving innovation.

With Qeye’s specialization in seismic quantitative interpretation and the academic prowess of FMIPA-USK and the Department of Physics, this collaboration holds promise for significant advancements in understanding and applying geophysical technology.

The discussions between Qeye, FMIPA-USK, and the Department of Physics signify a strategic alignment towards fostering innovation and sustainability in the geophysical sector. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration.


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